Based off a movement created in 2013 by Matthew (JAM!) Martinez, the Dream Chasers Club Gallery & Store took off into its own being in 2015. The single man-made shop in the heart of the city is far beyond a gallery; it’s home to inspiration of many artists and creatives throughout all of Texas, the United States, and even world-wide. The Dream Chasers Club is truly the first of its kind in El Paso.
Starting off as vacant and abandoned space, what is there now is unimaginable in
comparison to what the location used to be. The spot was torn apart and recreated completely, on a low-budget, and all by hand by one man himself, JAM!; an artist, a businessman, but more than anything, a creator. Everything in the gallery to this day has either been built by hand or upcycled. 

The artists featured at the Dream Chasers Club are from all over the globe. Each artist ranges in composition, and each exhibition is rotated monthly. All Dream Chasers Club products are made in limited quantities; stickers and t-shirts are made in runs that are no more than 25 pieces, and hats are made in runs of no more than 3 each design. Dream Chasers Club takes an unimaginable role with many artists. The gallery inspires, supports, and facilitates the growth of many creatives, turning their dreams into an actual reality. Within the two and a half years that the gallery has been up and running, its helped artists expand their portfolios, network, and take up new opportunities in the art field.