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is a movement of individuals that won't settle for mediocrity in life and intend to do what they love.

  As long as I can remember I always wanted to be some sort of an
artist and with my art I wanted to make a difference. The journey hasn't been easy and I have had many people tell me it was a waste of time or it wouldn't be a financially
sound career choice, but my passion has continued to drive me. That is why I put
the emphasis on chasing dreams and not so much the money aspect; people now a days hold money in such high regard. If you do what you love and you make sure you put love into it the money will come. As kids we are always told to follow our dreams and to dream big so what stops us from truly doing what we're passionate about. Who says we're not allowed to do what makes us happy? The paths that we choose can determine the kind of life we will live. The only thing that can stop us is us, don’t sabotage yourself. Do your dreaming while you’re awake and don't sleep on your dreams. If you chase your dreams expect a fuller and happier life.




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