Tobias Brown

Tobias Brown


Recording Artist

Born and raised in El Paso, the 23 year old Mexican-American-Indian artist began making music in 2004. Based out of El Paso, Texas, Tobias Brown has made his footprint in the local scene. Known for his distinguishable verses and entertaining live performances he has gained the following of a diverse fan base. No stranger to live shows, Tobias Brown has shared the stage with a long list of major artists such as Pitbull, Don Omar, MIMS, Kirko Bangz, and Chingo Bling. "To me, live shows are the most important part of what I do," Tobias explained, "If your fans don't enjoy your music and energy live, they won't enjoy it period"

"The idea of "trying" allows for a certain level of doubt to be present. It gives the option of failure. Do not "try" to do shit. Do shit." 

-Tobias Brown


 Krystall Poppin

Krystall Poppin


Recording Artist

Instantly recognizable by her style and charisma, El Paso-bred hip-hop artist, Krystall Poppin has the soul of a dreamer and the fearless determination to follow that dream wherever it might lead. On and off stage, Krystall Poppin is not your average aspiring artist with a mic in hand. She has an undeniable attitude that is both cool and confident. A quick scratch below the surface reveals that Krystall Poppin is anything but average. Krystall began writing poetry and songs around the age of 14, and started recording professionally when others started noticing a unique style and sound.  After spending a summer under the guidance of local producer Cas, he decided she was ready to hit the market and teamed her up with buzzing label mates Mike Cloud, Tobias Brown and DS Junior. Her first single “Supernova” featuring Jack Bass started off the year with speed, as it was picked up by multiple radio stations and club DJs with high regard. This captivating rap artist provides a flavor and self-empowering appeal that has earned her respect and admiration from fans and peers. 

"I am motivated by the fear of being average."

-Krystall Poppin

 Mike Cloud

Mike Cloud


Recording Artist/ Producer

Maybe the slickest and smoothest of the bunch. Ferociously  creative with a laser-guided vision of what he wants to do in this life. He's a designer, artisan, and Inspiration to the many pioneer people around him. He is a man of few to no words, but his longing gaze could translate a Novella. Never one to really flaunt his taste, it's like he pays a premium to look nondescript. Keeping his establishments to a minimum, he Modifies his art like a scientist by offering what could be "talked about" today, and what will continue to "speak" tomorrow. Not to be fooled by the charm and mischievous Personality, nor the Simultaneously forward-looking, free, hippy-dippy Attitude, he is Avant-garde without being about it. A true, student to hip-hop.

"Long live mike cloud."

-Mike Cloud

Trebel 1



        Dj,/Graphic Designer,/Loco Legend

     Local DJ to the great city of El Paso, TX. ,
Trebel1 started his DJ career at a young age of 13. When the sounds of house music invaded the Sun City. Intrigued and taken by these enticing beats . Trebel1 took this music and made it his own. Trebel1 takes you through a voyage of Electro House, Tech House,,Progressive House amongst other sub genres, that will place you in a state of trance and make your body groove until sun rise.Playing in some of the cities top venues such as Plum, The Garden, and Club 101 to name a few…Trebel1 is following his dreams and becoming the best in everything that he touches. Owner and creator of The Bassment, he wants to help others accomplish their dreams by giving them a chance to showcase their skills. To not just his city but, the world...

“ We are not against rap, we are not against rappers…but are against those thugs"

-Trebel 1