Dream Chasers Club




So who and what is JAM!?

JAM! has so many meanings and constantly represents something new.

In short JAM! started as an alter ego for the Texas native who later embraced this persona while moving to and living in Southern California. That persona gave him the courage to do things that as an artist he felt unable to do prior to finding his liberator.

"JAM! forced me to be the artist designer I am today and has led me to do things I never imagined I could."

Pushed to share the wealth and somehow encourage others to do the same; the Dream Chasers Club was founded a clothing line and a all inclusive club. A movement set out to encourage and inspire all to chase their dreams and to be who they truly are. If interested in more info about DCC or signing up to be a member please visit the Dream Chasers Club section of the site. 

"I hate to categorize myself as a particular type of artist due to the fact I feel I am inspired by all that is around me colors, shapes, surrounding environment, people, music all play a vital role in creating art for me. I really enjoy fusing urban culture with fine art techniques creating my own genre "retro modernism"."


To check out more about JAM! and Dream Chasers Club click the links to his official social media sites.