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Word Up! "Staying GLDN"

Music is all about creation and inventing. Formulating a sound that not only represents your own emotions, but captivates and draws in others.  That sound has to resonate deep within the listeners soul, just as much as it does within the creator's. If the intentions of the musician are not of the purest nature, by which I mean that the end result and it’s process  is must be for the love of the art itself, than no success or self-fulfillment cam truly be achieved. El Paso, TX producer GLDNDWN is on a mission to achieve that type pure success by forging his own unique path.
Travis Romero aka GLDNDWN has been around the El Paso music scene for a few years now. Like many others he started as a DJ, but in the last year has turned away from the typical EDM sound that has grown old. His new focus is GLDNDWN, a project that draws influence from all ends of the music spectrum to create dark, slow building, trippy beats that can pull on your emotions and pull you onto the dance floor. This week I sat down with GLDNDWN and discussed everything from his creative process, his new “Subconscious” EP, and his upcoming debut show.

-Tell me how your initial interest in music started?
"My interest in music started from listening to old 90s rap and hip hop. I was a huge fan of slim shady and admired how he did whatever the fuck he wanted, so he was a big influence on that part."

-I know you've been in the music scene for a minute, but how did GLDNDWN come about?
"Well I started smoking weed again and I couldn't find the perfect song to vibe to while doing so. I then decided to make chill music, so that's how GLDNDWN (Golden Dawn) started. The name came to me out of the blue, but then realized it's also the name of a neo-Nazi group. But it's not related, it's about what it means to me."

-So would you say you make music more for yourself than for others?
"Yeah, cause it's my talent that I'm giving back to the world, all I can do is be myself. I mean I can make all the trap or EDM stuff like everyone else, but you become a legend by doing something that's already done."

-You have a very unique sound compared to others, not only from this area but in the electronic music scene overall, how would you describe your sound?
"My sound defines how I feel, a lot of my music has emotion in it, and that's what I'm here for, to show people that it's about feeling the music and not hitting the quan."

-What other artists or sources inspire you?
"Artists that inspire me range from Kendrick Lamar to Slipknot to’s just all over the place. Whatever sounds good to my ears, I try to interpret all of that in my music, while being myself."

-Your EP "Subconscious" recently came out, but are you working on anything new at the moment?
"As for new stuff, yes, I'm starting to work on my album. It's a lot of different sounds. I've really just been experimenting you know? Trial and error stuff."

-What's been the response so far to the EP?
"I've been getting a lot of good feedback on the EP. People can listen to one song and feel happy, and another will make them feel sad, and that's what I'm trying to do, paint a picture of emotions."

-Your debut show as GLDNDWN  is coming up this week, how are you feeling heading into it?
"I'm very anxious for this show. It is my debut show, so I'm excited to show off my creations as well as go hard with the homies. Especially cause I set a goal for myself to play here a few months ago and I made it happen. This show is going to be a lot different vibes honestly."

-Dream Chasers Club is all about motivation and achieving goals. What motivates you to keep producing and playing music?
"I do it for the feel. I get so high off being on stage and just doing what I do. Seeing people dance to my music, it's the greatest feeling in the world to me."

GLDNDWN will performing at his debut show this Thursday, November 19, 2015, at the Tango Room inside The Garden nightclub. 10pm-2am. 18+ $3 cover, 21+ Free.

Word Up! "Adventure Time with Random Cushing."

Art can take you places, it can whisk you away on wild journeys and adventures. Whether it's figuratively, in the sense that the images on canvas can be so vivid they give you the sense ofhaving had those experiences first hand. In the literal sense, an artist's skill can take them on adventures around the world. In turn those same adventures will act as muse to the artist, and influence his end result. Such is the case for artist Random Cushing.

Artist, illustrator, and battle rapper Random Cushing has spent time living not only across the U.S., but across the world. These destinations have helped him define his unique, "adventure drawing" style of art. This week I sat down with Random Cushing as he opened up about his art and life.

JW- What initially sparked your interest in art and becoming an artist?

RC- I've been drawing my whole life and was encouraged throughout. After a while I developed a talent. A while longer and I got better. If I keep going I'll probably get better still.”

JW- How did battle rapping come about?

RC- Rapping and battling were the thing to do where I lived when I was 10. I developed an aptitude and a steady fascination. I now perform about once every three months.”

JW- Tell me a bit about your artwork and unique style.

Random Cushing- My work is about adventure, imagination, and making it fun to look at…so I describe my style as adventure drawing.”

JW- Can you elaborate more about “Adventure Drawing”?

RC- Adventure drawing is about combining creation and exploration. It's about discovery and invention, endeavoring to find the unusual. Focusing on marrying illustration with the pursuit of an interesting life.”

JW- There are a lot of Asian themes throughout your work. How has this culture influenced you?

RC- I watched a lot of anime when I was younger and copied the drawing styles I liked, Dragon Ball Z was one of the first, though I later refined myself to Samurai Champloo.”

JW- Do you have any artists in particular that you admire or influence you?

RC- “Bill Watterson is my favorite artist.”

JW- Finally, where did the name Random Cushing come from?

RC- Random Cushing is the name my parents gave me. I'm named for the heir to the throne of Order.”

Random Cushing's latest exhibit, “Little Rules”, will be premiere at the Dream Chasers Club Gallery (200 S. Santa Fe St. El Paso, TX) beginning November 13, 2015 at 7pm. All ages welcomed.

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