We are excited to announce our new spokesmodel, introducing Jazmyn Blake.




Photography; Ursa Major Creative                                                                  IG:@ursa_major_photo

M5 Studio's Styling Corner

Growing up in El Paso Texas, fashion, wasn’t a big part of my life until high school. I have always wanted to be different so I would frequently shop at thrift stores, cut up my jeans, wear glitter in my hair, and decorate my clothes with studs and I mean lots of studs. Now, I was not an outcast or anything but my creativity displayed a lot in what I wore.                               

2006 was when I had my very first fashion show with an old friend of mine in which we called our line Jayem Bang. I purchased vintage items such as dresses and skirts and revamped them to make them look a little more modern.

In 2008, I was on my own and renamed my line M5Studio. I came up with this name because the letter “M” represents the letter of my son’s name, Mason; the number 5 is my favorite number and surprisingly he was born on the 5th; and “studio” well lets just say my bedroom was my very own studio and it’s where my outfits came to life.  

I was still revamping but I wanted to add some of my personality and ideas, so I started making my own items for example, shorts, tops, and harem pants to name a few. Mind you, I learned how to sew through, yes, you guessed it, YouTube. Unfortunately my last fashion show was in 2012, because I was juggling being a mother of a very needy two year old, I was in my last semester at the University of Texas at El Paso working on my Bachelors in becoming a Special Educator, interning at a middle school, working at a call center, as well as bartending at a local bar. I was very overwhelmed with everything so I stopped the designing.  

Present day, I still wanted to share my daily outfits of the day and of the night #OOTD/#OOTN cannot forget that hash tag! So when Instagram began, of course I got myself an account and started posting my outfits along with details of where I purchased it, the brand name, and the cost of the outfit. Now, I have the opportunity to inspire and share some of my fashion cues to a larger audience.  

Updating our online shop!

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We are currently updating our online shop sorry for any inconveniences. Please contact us with any of your concerns. 

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Last nights opening for It Begins Here. Exhibit was a success thanks to all of you! So many new faces and lots of familiar ones. The movement continues to grow and we are excited to continue to bring to you all great art from not only local artists but from all over the country.

The exhibit will run until the 12th of February.
Thank you once again. 

Photographer: Michaela Roman

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